Sudoku! (v3.4)

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数独!GUI是终极全数独爱好者。它真的removes messy涂鸦;简单的左或右键单击两个选择,要么或discard的提示。


Sudoku! (v3.4)

Sudoku! is the ultimate GUI for all Sudoku lovers. It really removes the messy scribbles; simply left- or right-click to either select or discard the hints. Hints are generated on-the-go by eliminating the invalid candidates after every move.


The GUI loads both *.txt and *.mat files. In this new package, two solvers are included- sudoku_solve resolves naked singles, hidden singles, hidden pairs and locked candidates; sudoku_solveguess employs a guessing strategy to reach a possible solution. Also included in this new package is sudoku_mini which really helps to simplify gameplay (see screenshot). For the advanced users, you may even develop your own functions and launch them from the GUI (see Readme.txt for more details). Like the previous version, a Record&Recall option lets you store the present board for later retrieval. And lastly, to keep frustration levels within healthy bounds, I have also added an Undo button to reverse the moves that you last made. :)


A must-have for all Sudoku enthusiasts, amateurs and pros alike! Get one now and play Sudoku like you never did before!


If you like the GUI, please comment below; otherwise (e.g., if you find a suspicious bug), send an email to me. :)


Essential files: sudoku_config.txt, sudoku_gui.m, sudoku_guicb.m, sudoku_makemap.m

Accompanying files: sudoku_mini.m, sudoku_solve.m, sudoku_solveguess.m, sudoku_maps-01.mat, sudoku_maps-02.mat, sudoku_maps-03.mat, sudoku_maps-z01.mat, Readme.txt

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