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Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation for Antenna Measurements (NF2FF).


Hologram analysis can also be used to study near field communication (NFC) antennas.


J. Logan (

A. P. Mynster (

M. J. Pelk (

C. Ponder (

K. Van Caekenberghe (


The script assumes:

1. Rectangular coordinate system with z axis normal to planar aperture

2. exp(j*omega*t) time dependence convention. Please, substitute i with -j whenever implementing exp(-i*omega*t) time dependence convention based algorithms.


The script uses:

1. Near field datasets of a 94 GHz slotted waveguide (U.S. Patent No.: 7,994,969) can be downloaded from:


Sought-after extensions are listed below. Please post them on the

website, if you are willing to contribute:

1. Cylindrical and spherical near field to far field transformation

2. Graphical user interface


The package also includes data acquisition scripts for reading out S-parameters from the HP 8510C and HP 8720ES network analyzers, and the Rohde & Schwarz ZVA40 network analyzer. The DAQ scripts require a MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox license.



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   QinetiQ Ltd, Winfrith Technology Centre, Winfrith,

   Dorchester DT2 8XJ. UK. 15 September 2005.


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