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Photometric Stereo with cast shadows emulation and 3D surface reconstruction

This is a tiny toolbox on Photometric Stereo initial implementations in Matlab, with extention, that including some algorithm of 3D surface reconstruction, based on analyses of distributions of the cast shadows (called a geometric approach to the problem, in opposition to radiometric one, which is obviously P.Stereo methods).


The user, up to some degree, is free to choose its own scenario of data processing within frameworks of patchlet/pointwise Photometric Stereo methods, which are called on later the radiometric approache to the problem of monoscopic 3D surface reconstruction.


This tiny toolbox has the desired feature of rendering with option of the cast shadows (performing even in older versions of Matlab releases).


Finally the four first examples consider only built-in random surfaces, while the next exemplary given scenarios also include the generation of virtual cutting surfaces of abrasive tools.


And what is perhaps the most peculiar feature of this toolbox, it also includes some much evolved random surface generation process, with adoptions of Markov Chains and enourmously extended matrices of transient states probabilities.


Those matrices indicate constructions of directed graphs, which in turn, are altogether built in such manner, as to be some analogy (quite purely and hipothetically) to structures known from nature. For instance, these are directed graphs resembling intermediately the structures of cyclic and policyclic organic compounds.


Consequently, in the result of running of extra added m-scripts, one actually obtains some randomly generated anizotropic surfaces with grooves. The surfaces, where perhaps ductile materials are being plowed.


Apart from ten exemplary issued scenarios (contained within ten m-scripts from ex01st...m to ex10th..m files) the user is free to use self-sustainable m-scripts for rendering virtual images, as well as, for determinaion of vector gradient field, with subsequently occurred global 3D surface reconstruction, please see: 'PatchletPStereo.m' m-script.


RESUMING: this tiny toolbox on Photometric Stereo implementations in Matlab environment lacks only one feature. I mean, it has not thresholding mechanism for the input data of 2D intensity images.

jpeg_reduced.m  png_reduced.m  Kekulens_Digraphs_Either_Used_or_Postulated_4_PStereo_submit_18Feb14PDF.pdf  @last_minute_notes_on_ADemo_of_PStereo_22-30Jan14.doc  @last_minute_notes_on_ADemo_of_PStereo_22-30Jan14PDFs.pdf  Figure01.pdf  Figure02.pdf  Figure03.pdf  Figure04.pdf  notesA_ on_patchlet_PStereo_implementation_with_cast_shadows_included.pdf  
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