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immiscible LB

The MatLab code uses lattice Boltzmann (LB) method to simulate two phase flows for immiscible fluids (blue & red fluids) in 2D according to the D2Q9 scheme.

The model is also referred to as color model or chromodynamic model or ILB (immiscible LB).

This MatLab implementation of ILB saves an AVI file in '' dir_avi='C:\' '' that records frames generated by the time evolution iterations.


The code implements in D2Q9 the model originally developed by Gunstensen [Gunstensen AK, Rothman D. Lattice Boltzmann model of immiscible fluids. Phys Rev A 1991;43(8):4320?4327], which is based on the original Rothman?Keller model [Rothman DH, Keller JM. Immiscible cellular automaton fluids. J Stat Phys 1988;52:1119?1127].

see also : Gunstensen, A., Rothman, D.H., Zaleski, S., and Zanetti, G., Physical Review A 43, 4320-4327, April 15, 1991.


page 190-191 of the reference book by S. Succi, The Lattice Boltzmann Equation, Oxford Univ. Press, 2001.

Only periodic boundary conditions are implemented in this version.

Also the method suggested by Dr Sergey Lishchuk for including surface tension is implemented, see :

S. V. Lishchuk, C. M. Care, I. Halliday. Lattice Boltzmann algorithm for surface tension with greatly reduced micro-currents. Phys. Rev. E, 2003,

In order to run this code you need MatLab 2009 or later with the image processing toolbox (IPT).

The files Run* are those to execute (eg. Run_Demo_ILBGK_D2Q9_Spinodal_Decomposition OR Run_ILB_Flow_inPM_Periodic_sigle_bubble).

If you stop the execution you can restart with >Restart_Time_Evolution

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ILB_vessels.m  image_curvature.m  imoverlay.m  Initialize_Velocities.m  Jacket_Gpu_Test.m  Local_Colour_Gradient.m  Local_Colour_Gradient_and_Divergence.m  Main_Time_Evolution_Loop.m  Main_Time_Evolution_Loop_Lishc.m  Maximize_figure_window.m  


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