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此应用程序通过三维曲线绘制法国帧。tnb frenet frame包是一个图形用户界面,允许您绘制c3类的三维参数函数,并显示一个动画frenet frame通过它。


TNB Frenet Frame

This application graphs the Frenet frame through 3D curves. TNB Frenet frame package is a GUI that lets you plot 3D parametric functions of C3 class, and shows an animated Frenet frame travelling through it.


Features include:


- User defined domain of the function.


- Adjustable speed and line width.


- Evaluate-at function, wich dymamically shows the used to the plot; then it lets you graph Frenet frame at specific points.


- Pause-Continue button. I added it in order to you pause the plot and make 3D rotations and zooms for the best view. It also helps you to see the parameter actual value.


- Replay button; it lets you graph it again but without loosing your actual view.


- A list of the calculus formulas used.


For more detailed information (i.e. installation, tips, etc.) use the included readme.txt file

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axDef.m  cbDef.m  cbDel.m  TNBbad.m  TNBcurve3.m  TNBdef.m  TNBeval.m  TNBformulas.m  TNBgraf.m  TNBi.m  


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