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Delta Sigma converter spurious tone predictor

This file contains functions for:

- estimating the quantizer noise from DSM and

- estimating the mismatch noise from DWA-DAC.


Both (time-domain) models generate noise estimate for arbitrary input vector (dc, sinusoid, n-tone, sawtooth etc.).


Applicable to bandpass DSMs and bandpass DWA.


For simulation, DS toobox is recommended: File ID: #19


Simulink DSM/DWA model can be found in: File ID: #23079


For further information:


Neitola M & Rahkonen T (2010) A Generalized Data-Weighted Averaging Algorithm. IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs 57(2): 115-119.


Neitola M & Rahkonen T (2010) A Qualification Approach to DAC Mismatch-Shaping Methods. IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs 57(11): 858-862.


Neitola M & Rahkonen T (2011) Predicting and Avoiding Spurious Tones in a DWA Mismatch Shaping DAC. Accepted to IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs.


Neitola M & Rahkonen T (2011) Compact Tone-Behavior Model for Delta-Sigma Modulator. Submitted to European conference on circuit theory and design 2011.

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