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C# Matlab Program Launcher

C# Matlab Program Launcher v1.1


Amitabh Verma



This C# code provides a sleek loader that would execute your Matlab script or function without the requirement to launch Matlab manually. **This loader requires Matlab to be installed.**


The launcher is useful in cases where there is a Matlab GUI for visualization of data since it will hide the command window. Options exist to view the command window as well, however, the true purpose of this code is to provide a Windows executable feel.


Files included:


1. C# Matlab Program Launcher v1.0 (C# source code)

   Matlab Interface Library by Emanuele Ruffaldi (EngMATLib.cs included in program build from v1.1 instead of dll)

2. Example using the C# Launcher - Image Patch Tool (http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/25111-imagepatchtool)

4. some_bat_file.bat // bat file to load any drivers (optional)




1. Download (free version) C# from http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/#2010-Visual-CS)

2. Open Matlab Envelope.csproj in C# and Build using Shift+F6

3. Copy ImagePatchTool.exe to the Example/ImagePatchTool folder

4. Run the Matlab script ImagePatchTool.m using the loader ImagePatchTool.exe without the need to run Matlab


To link your Matlab GUI the only modification required are:


1. Adding the following line to the _OpeningFcn in your m-file

ImagePatchTool = guihandles(); % Link for C# loader


2. Editing the name of the m-file in the C# code

EngMATLib.cs  MatEnvelope.cs  MatEnvelope.designer.cs  MATFile.cs  MATInvoke.cs  Program.cs  ImagePatchTool.m  AssemblyInfo.cs  Resources.Designer.cs  Settings.Designer.cs  


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