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PIVMat 3.00

The PIVMat Toolbox for Matlab contains a set of command-line functions to import, post-process and analyse 2- and 3-components vector fields from PIV (particle image velocimetry), stereo-PIV, DIC (digital image correlation) SS (synthetic schlieren) or BOS (background-oriented schlieren) applications.


It is compatible with several data formats, including DaVis (LaVision) (FlowMaster/StrainMaster packages).


The PIVMat Toolbox enables to handle and perform complex operations over large amount of velocity fields, and to produce high-quality vector/scalar outputs. This toolbox in itself does not perform any PIV computations.


Main Features:


 - Import vector fields from PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) or other related technics, such as DIC (Digital Image Correlation), SS and BOS (Synthetic Schlieren and Background-oriented Schlieren), from DaVis (LaVision), VidPIV (Oxford Laser), MatPIV and Optical Flow.

- Standard vector field operations: interpolation, filtering (median, Butterworth...), averaging (temporal, spatial, azimuthal...), derivatives computation (vorticity, divergence, strain, Q-factor...)

- Fully vectorized: all operations directly apply on arrays of fields (no for loops)

- More than 60 functions with full on-line documentation; sample fields included.

- High-quality vector and scalar output based on Matlab visualization tools: 2D and 3D fields (meshes, surfaces...), movies (AVI), contour plots...

- Advanced statistics: Histograms, correlation functions, vector and scalar structure functions, power spectra, integral scales, joint probability density functions...

- Support for FS-SS (Free-Surface Synthetic Schlieren) applications for surface wave reconstructions (including production of random dot patterns)

- Full support of DaVis files (VEC, VC7, IMX, IM7, EXP, SET) and file attributes (Acquisition times, PIV parameters...)

- Works on all platforms: Windows/Unix/Mac.


See http://www.fast.u-psud.fr/pivmat/ for the installation procedure.

pivmat3.00.zip (8.77MB)  
about_pivmat.m  addnoisef.m  averf.m  azaverf.m  batchf.m  bwfilterf.m  cdw.m  changefieldf.m  checkupdate_pivmat.m  Contents.m  
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